Sales Colors

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Sales consultancy with its own unique software and app. (Investment 10/2020)

“There is a strong foundation of trust. We involve Successor in strategic decisions and in making large financial commitments. Furthermore, Successor gives us a lot of freedom. We do get advice, but we can decide for ourselves. Successor is never pushing us aside.

The cooperation is generous, and we learn a lot. Together with Successor we will make Sales Colors great. I think Successor is an ideal partner for entrepreneurs who are good at their profession, with a strong product or service, but who lack business experience to grow their business.

As an entrepreneur you must be open and straightforward. You won’t get there with just a good story. For Successor it is important that as an entrepreneur,you are convinced that you are responsible for your own success or failure. We know investors who are mainly financial and who hardly interfere with business operations, and we know investors who prefer to write the strategy themselves and implement it. Successor is somewhere in between.”

How to characterise Successor? Implementation of success!

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