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Marketing communication agency, specialized in annual reports. (Investment 6/2021)

“The acquisition process was quite exciting. I went into it completely blank, having no idea what to expect. I thought it could be scary. But what’s great about Successor is that they personally guided me well in this. For example, I was warned about the due diligence, ‘at a certain point you may get the feeling that your company is worth nothing, but don’t worry, your company simply is good and we’ll figure it out together’. That really reassured me, and the deal proved this to be true. The whole deal took no more than four months, from start to completion.

When you are dealing with Successor you must have your arguments well put together. Nonsense stories won’t get you far. But once you have the confidence, Successor will go a long way with you. I have come to know Successor as fast, effective, hard and fair. Successor has always kept its word throughout the process. That is important and gives me confidence for the future.

In the beginning I also had a feeling of mourning; you have lost your company. But now I’m very happy with the deal. I also like to be able to contribute. And to be honest, I am also incredibly happy that I am rid of the hassle that you must deal with as an entrepreneur.

I have spoken with several investors and with Successor. The biggest difference is Successors’ openness and enthusiasm. You also feel the urgency at Successor. Pressing ahead with much integrity. Unlike other parties, Successor was not defensive at all.”

How to characterise Successor? Unconventional!


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