For whom is Successor suitable?

Successor is interested in promising companies. Companies that already have proven themselves, but with residual potential. Owners who wants to take the next step, or who are looking for some form of succession.

In all cases, the entrepreneur has developed something unique, in which we believe. And which we can provide continuity, for the long term.

– The company is based in the Netherlands.

– You are willing to sell the majority of your shares.

– The profitability ranges from € 500,000 to € 2 million.

No industry preference

We believe that the core of entrepreneurship transcends industries. Positioning exactly what the company offers and bringing the right people together, must be done everywhere. The industry doesn’t matter to Successor.

The current companies are therefore very different. What they have in common is that all of them are unique and ‘here to stay’. In all cases there is potential for growth. We are excited about this, because growth is the best guarantee for continuity.

Companies that are not suitable

We would like to be clear in advance. Successor is not interested in start-ups or good ideas without any revenue. This is not in line with our mission to offer continuity to promising companies. In addition, we are not interested in minority interests.

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