Holland Sport Boat Centre

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Sales and service of Bayliner boats and Stormer lifeboats. (Investment 5/2021)

“The whole deal was emotionally tough for me and my wife. We are the third generation in this business and due to the Municipality, we were unable to continue the business without additional funds. We were forced to look for partners.

Since the deal, I have peace of mind. The decisive factor was that I was able to sell a large part of my shares. As a result, personally I have financial security and I no longer run any risk. The company continues and I am still the director. Before, I worked seven days a week; which I can now reduce to 40-50 hours a week. There is more to life than only working; it can be over before you know it.

The company is now being reorganised and is already a lot more professional. I would never have done that myself. I am sure it will be a success. It is nice to be a part of that. It just feels good.

The collaboration with Successor and the new management is open, clear, and honest. The employees are also involved. They are being awakened. I haven’t known Successor very long and maybe I wouldn’t bet all my money on them yet, but I think I will in a year. And vice versa. It is about norms and values.”

How to characterise Successor? Fair!


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