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Development of supplements against food intolerances. (Investment 12/2020)

Harmen Treep 

“Successor entered our company with enormous drive and positivity, quickly seeing the bigger picture, but also every detail in a contract. That eye for the bigger picture and for the details sometimes is annoying, but it is necessary to push us beyond our comfort zone. As an entrepreneur, it stimulates me strongly to do my work even better.

One difference with other investors I have worked with, is that Successor doesn’t push you into a format for creating large and tedious PowerPoint presentations. My monthly reports are limited to a financial printout and an elaboration. It’s very informal, pragmatic, and efficient. That also fits with Successor: don’t make things unnecessarily difficult.

Successor was instrumental in the closing of the deal and in setting the direction and steps into the future. Thinking about more future investments and acquisitions in this market. We have huge growth ambitions, and that boost is made possible by Successors’ big thinking, energy, and connections.

On forehand, I thought Successor would be involved in the day-to-day business, but more than I expected, there is a lot of trust and freedom. There is no pressure on the daily results. In fact, at this point, Successor is willing to invest more than I am. In that sense, Successor really gives us space, and time.”

How to characterise Successor? Enthusiastic and involved!


Remko Hiemstra (former owner, now co-shareholder)

My dream, and that of my wife, is that as many people as possible cab live without unnecessary stomach aches. I see that our employees have more opportunities and possibilities in their jobs, and feel better about themselves, now that the company is growing. I couldn’t have done that alone.

In the end, we chose Successor because of its realism, experience, and seniority. They were quite humble, where others were often blasé (‘look at us being smart entrepreneurs’), Successor didn’t.

Our company had been a burden for two years. I didn’t quite know how to take it further. In hindsight, I should have done this much sooner, if I had been up to it.

I am now working on product development. That’s a privilege, not a burden. I can let it go, knowing the company is in good hands. My wife and I sometimes feel that we have been given money so that others can do our work.

It is nice to see how enthusiastic the new management is, how the company is expanding and how the company’s atmosphere and the honest information to dietitians are maintained. And of course, things are different, but that is a good thing. That is also necessary to realise our dream.

How to characterise Successor? Reducer of stress.





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