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Development of the new Nautical Quarter Amsterdam, inclusing a harbor and restaurants. (Investment 12/2020)

“Working with Successor is fun, business-like and professionally. Successor keeps us on our toes. It is not just about money. Successor brings a lot of experience in running companies. They help us to professionalise and expand the organisation. In addition, they show enormous commitment and enthusiasm. This is also expressed in all kinds of spontaneous and creative ideas, at the craziest moments. Which is nice.

Successor gives us a lot of freedom. We have a meeting once a month. We review everything, very informally. This is my first time working with an investment firm. Successors’ small scale appeals to me.

Successor was also indispensable in structuring the deal. The deal has been clearly put on paper, point by point. This ultimately gave the former owner confidence, and we were able to engage him with our strategy. That moment and that step towards trust were crucial in the completion of the deal.

If you go into business with Successor, you must be able to take a punch.”

How to characterise Successor? Power!

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