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Nature burials for urns, on estates. (Investment 4/2021)

“This is my second time, working with Successor. The first time, Successor helped me with a management buyout. At that time, Successor joined as a minority shareholder. Deviating from their own policy out of enthusiasm and as a way of support. Successor coached me to think less as a manager and more as an entrepreneur. I greatly appreciated the space that Successor gave me.

Successor can’t be compared to other investors I worked with. These are often larger, so you must deal with seniors, juniors, analysts, and with all kinds of spreadsheets; whereas Successor gets to work. Sit down for a night, pull through a weekend and there’s already a businessplan. Successor is much faster, much more pragmatic, and much more involved.

If you want to work with Successor, you must have the same drive, the same level of energy. Also, you must be prepared to question the status quo and going against the grain. If you dare to take risks and get the most out of it, you receive full support. And of course, you sometimes have serious discussions, but that’s part of the deal and is also appreciated.

It is very nice to have such a partner. Often, you are too involved in operational details, so you can lose sight of the bigger goal. Successor helps to keep the bigger goal in sight.”

How to characterise Successor? Involved!

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