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Marketing communication agency, brand design. (Investment 1/2018)

“We were completely stuck. There was a conflict in our management and the company was poorly organized. Successor came in and solved our management problems quickly. The company was up and running again, in no time. As a former owner I’m pleased to say that Successor unleashed Total Design, our potential was uncovered, and the financial results were impressive.

Successor is suitable for companies with a unique positioning and for those which are organised in such a way that further growth is not possible. Sometimes you have been doing something for such a long time, that you need an outsider who can do things differently. Successor has provided this.

The cooperation with Successor was pleasant. You don’t get a remote financier who just checks the numbers. Successor brings in a strong-willed entrepreneur that will be by your side. Therefore, you should be aware to stand strong in your ideas and willingness if you want to do business with Successor.

What I really like is that Successor not only brings money, knowledge and experience, but it brings also a lot of enthusiasm for our services. It’s great to have an investor who is involved. But there has to be something unique, to get excited about.”

How to characterise Successor? Taking decisions!

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